ODRAM 2021 Details
Mark your calendar for Saturday, August 14, 2021. We will follow the traditional 150ish mile ODRAM route, from Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury Michigan, across the state to Bay City State Recreation Area.

Proceeds from ODRAM will again benefit JDRF's Ride to Cure Program. 2021 is the 12th year JDRF has been the benefactor of ODRAM.

New for 2021:
- Breakfast (eggs, bacon, oatmeal fruit, etc.) is now included in the registration price.
- Route markings will be available for those who desire to include the miles to Lake Michigan
- Jerseys are neon-colored for hi-visibility
- Finish line medals
- Double JJ will offer the traditional ODRAM Friday night pasta dinner - $10 for All You Can Eat!

All riders are treated to a hot buffet breakfast, lunch near the 80-mile mark, a celebration cookout dinner at the finish, and 2 refreshment stations (1 before and 1 after lunch). Medals will be awarded at the finish line. There is no SAG support.

The first 80 miles until the official lunch stop on the west side of Blanchard have some rolling hills, but generally we are blessed with a prevailing tailwind, so the most challenging portion of the course presents itself while riders still have fresh legs (2014 was definitely the exception to this rule). The roads are also overwhelmingly rural and present minimal car traffic, with the exception of a few communities (short stretches through Fremont and Bay City).

Date: August 14, 2021
Distances: 150 miles
City, State: Rothbury, Michigan
Start Location: Double JJ Resort
Start Time:
Online Information: https://www.odram.com/