Tour de Ramps

For a few years, the Tour de Ramps was dropped off the annual club calendar. It was just deemed to be too difficult. In 2017, the Tour was resurrected by a small, dedicated group of BBC members. It has once again become a club staple done in the cooler Fall weather when the Summer lake boat traffic has declined. The ride has developed into a social event with good food, beverage, and tales of hill climbing prowess following the ride. The BBC welcomes you to participate in what has become one of the highlights of our annual ride calendar. Come join us as we open this ride as an invitational event to the larger cycling community.

Entry limited to 250 riders.

Spoil the normally pleasant ride around Lake Monroe by descending & climbing all the boat ramps. There are nine of them, plus many assorted hills in between! 60 miles, 4000 ft of climbing. Stick to the pleasant ride around the lake. Yes, there are a few hills, but you will only visit 2-3 of the ramps! 40 miles, 2200 ft of climbing.

Try a few of the ramps until your legs give out; each ramp is a new opportunity to demonstrate your lack of common sense: 43 - 60 miles, 2400 - 4000 ft of climbing.

Short Route - 38 miles:
This is the route with minimal boat ramps. There is a water/granola bar SAG stop at Ramp 3 (9.5 miles, Cartop) and a full SAG stop (food, Gatorade, restroom) at Ramp 6 (18 miles, Cutright). Your wristband will get you into Hardin Ridge National Forest Recreation area (24.8 miles). It is a beautiful area, has water and restrooms, and a really nice overlook to see the lake. You will know when to turn around to avoid the hill. At the top of the hill just past the Monroe dam is the Dam Overlook (33.2 miles, left turn). You will find a nice view, water, and nice restrooms.

Full Ride - 60 miles:
This is the route with all the ramps. Remember, it is your choice to go down each ramp. There will be SAG stops at each boat ramp. Most will offer restrooms, water and granola bars. Remember to get your colored bike band to verify you have been to each ramp. Ramp 6 (30 miles, Cutright) is the full SAG stop with food water and Gatorade). It is staffed by the Friends of Lake Monroe. Say Hi, talk to them about the lake.

Date: September 14, 2024
Distances: 38, 60 miles
City, State: Bloomington, Indiana (11 miles south of)
Start Location: Fairfax State Recreation Area
Start Time: 8:30 am
Online Information: