Tree City Rolling Tour & Century

Enjoy light traveled country roads with a combination of flat, rolling hills, and a few shady spots along the way. All routes except the 16 mile will travel around a beautiful 6 mile lake and enjoy a well stocked SAG with fresh fruit of all kinds and sweets too! The 67 & 100 milers will enjoy riding along shaded creeks and streams traveling through covered bridges, 2 on the 100 route. All SAGS have restrooms except the 16 mile route. Snacks and drinks are provided at all SAG stops.

Pulled pork, hamburgers, various salads and desserts will be served for lunch at the famous Tree City Courthouse. Enjoy listening to our live band while enjoying your lunch, and if you would like a cold brew, the TAAP is open at noon with outdoor setting across from the band.

The 100 mile riders are asked to leave by 7am, the 33 and 67 milers between 8-9am, and the 16 milers 9-10 am. Registration increases after June 18th. There are two 67-mile routes, one is hilly, and  the new one is flat! For online registration, go to

Date: June 24, 2023
Distances: 16, 33, 67, 100 miles
City, State: Greensburg, Indiana
Start Location: 150 Courthuse Square
Start Time: 7:00 am
Online Information:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.