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Welcome to Bike Rides in Indiana

Welcome to Bike Rides in Indiana, where you can find the latest information about touring bicycle rides in and around Indiana. Know about a touring ride that's not listed? Send the info using the newly redesigned form: Submit a Ride.

Bike Rides in Indiana is not affiliated with any of the rides that are listed and doesn't have any registration forms for the rides. We just list the information. If you have questions about a ride that is listed, please send your question we'll try to help.

Latest News

  • July 24 UPDATE - To be clear about the listings, if BRinIN knows the event is CANCELLED it will shown as cancelled in the ride's title. The description will be unchanged. If the ride will be held as a VIRTUAL ride, the description will also remain unchanged but you should use the ride's link to visit the site for updated information. Thanks for understanding.
  • July 10 UPDATE - Re-checked and updated all rides through the rest of 2020. Quite a few more have been cancelled. I will continue to check the remaining rides, but before you make final plans or head out the door, please check the ride's website through the listed links for the latest status. Ride safe, be safe.
  • PLEASE CHECK THE RIDE'S WEBSITE TO SEE IF THE RIDE HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Several rides have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus, especially the early rides. I'll update the cancellations where I can, but please check the ride's website before you head out.
  • Working on a second pass for more rides to list. Rides, especially later in the year, are added as the year goes on. So check back often!
  • JANUARY RIDE LISTINGS!! Nope, it's not even CLOSE to Christmas yet, but the first January rides are now listed for the advanced planners among us. I'll try to add any others I find shortly. The New Year Theme is in process too, hopefully ready by January 1.

  • Thanks to those who have already submitted rides for 2020! I'll be adding those to the ride listings shortly. Gotta get the theme finished first.

  • If your ride is not listed and you'd like it to be, or if you  have any information about other rides not yet listed, please use the Submit link (above) to send it to BRinIN. Thanks!

  • But, if you have any problems with the Submit a Ride form, or have any questions, click on "Help" in the Info list on this page .
  • If you get any 404 Page Not Found errors, please send me an email let me know which page you're having problems viewing.


The Ronald G. Repka Foundation, Inc., dedicated to perpetuating Ron's interest in youth sports, as well as providing cancer patient support and cycling safety awareness programs